Introducing the eye-eye

The eye eye is a very small remote camera that works in combination with a smart phone.
Combining the technology in the phone with a minimum of components in the camera creates an extremely useful,
high quality product at the very reasonable price point of 55(GBP) including tax.

Sitting in the market place somewhere between a periscope, an action camera,
an inspection tool and even a 'selfie stick' it is an extremely useful tool.
The phone provides the display in real time and all the controls to take photographs, videos or simply watch.

We are running a crowd funding campaign on kickstarter from 8th June - 8th July 2016. Please back us and spread the word.


Is it all about being able to see from those 'so close, yet so far' positions you just can't get your head into?
For DIY and professional trades so much happens in those places.
Under a car, inside ceiling cavities, behind boilers.
The eye eye with its LED and telescopic pole lets you see in,
saving the effort and cost of taking down walls or fittings just to locate a problem,
or even the time of getting and setting up ladders.


Then the fun starts.
Take the eye eye off the pole and it can fit in a load of new places.
It has a standard screw fitting for camera stands big and small.
It has a clip to fit onto cloths or a bag, making it a low cost action camera or dash cam.

Clip it onto your toddler to get their perspective of learning to ride a bike or scooter.
Older kids are always up to some mad stunt or another, an the extra camera and angle help capture the action.

For the inquisitive an eye eye can help watch the chicks grow without being too invasive of the birds nest.
It is waterproof so you can investigate rock pools and riverbanks.
Set up a camera trap to watch the local wildlife.
Catch those rodents, where are they coming in?

Around the lens is amounting ring to allow additional lenses to be fitted.
There are some high quality low cost ones available to give extra wide angle views,
crazy fish eye images and macro lenses for magnification.
The inquisitive and adventurous are going to have great time.

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