With something like 1.2 billion smartphones sold in 2014 it is easy,
if not 100% accurate to say everyone has one.
It is accurate to say that there is a lot of technology in the palm of our hands,
and it is also reasonable to say that it is not being put to full use.

A smartphone is simply a very small computer that we can hardly bare to leave the house without,
so we always have it with us.
Apps turn our smartphone into a control panel for the things we use day to day
and let us interact with the 'internet of things'.
A smart phone can be the brains, control and display for new products.
Traditionally, these parts of a device were a major expense.

Now, by connecting to a smartphone, products can be designed only for their specific function,
reducing the cost and time to market of new 'things'.
Our passion is to design good, useful 'things' at low cost to help populate
the 'internet of things' for the common good.